Welcome to Media promotions, with over 20 yrs of performing, promoting & booking male revues & exclusive ladies night out showcases. Booking agents Lenny Panero (South East US agent), Richard Seymour (east coast agent) & Phil Diaz (Central US agent), provide Las Vegas style glitz & glam at your nightclub, bar, casino or lounge, featuring one of these top national acts. THE MEN OF TEXAS, INTERNATIONAL CALENDER MEN or ABSOLUTE MALE. We are also official brokers to the world famous "CHIPPENDALE'S" & THE CAST OF "PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE" Increase your club's revenue, promote your club, increase visibility & offer an exciting "Ladies night out". Our pricing packages can meet your budget. All promotional materials ( print, Ad, radio, posters & tickets ) are provided by us and shipped directly to your club. Call today for free consultation and to check on available booking dates. Summer shows are now being booked. View samples of our show posters & tickets as well promotional materials below.

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What separates a good male revue from a bad one and what should your club look for in booking a male strip show?

Talent, Venue and Production. These 3 variables can make or break a show.

Talent: The main reason why you go is to see great looking men. The male strippers all should be gorgeous guys with beautiful bodies and have personality and charisma to match their looks. Most groups have their own websites so be sure and see the dancers online that will be at the show.

Venue: The club hosting the show should be a space designed for live performances. A stage, great lighting, comfortable seating and of course an inviting decor. Our revues are usually hosted by an upscale nightclub with all the amenities to enhance the experience.

Production: The show should be a mix of not only men stripping but stripping WELL. There is an art to this, and you will see what we mean when you see our dancers who are polished professionals and experienced vs. a amateur. The better shows all have choreographed numbers that incorporate dancing, humor and lots of sex appeal. MEDIA PROMOTIONS, you get the best!

BOOKINGS!! looking for male dancers? Male dancers for your private party, or a sexy & steamy Male revue? Call Media promotions.

East coast USA- Richard (484) 553-1712
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